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Are you eager to develop your writing talent? Would you like individual feedback on your work from a writing professional? Do you want to maximize your chances of being published?


At The Writing Center of Princeton, we are committed to empowering writers and aspiring writers by providing comprehensive instruction that:

  • Connects you to your creative aspirations
  • Provides you with the skills necessary to make a continued impact in the writing arts
  • Helps you fulfill your publication potential


WCP’s creative writing instruction has been designed to help students:

  • Overcome writer’s block
  • Hone skills of observation, description, and analysis
  • Cultivate a critical awareness of literary techniques


Our lessons are technique-driven and are designed so that they can be immediately applied to your own writing.  We use guided practice to help you:

  • Gain insight into what constitutes effective description, style, narrative, characterization, and use of language
  • Learn about voice, diction, plot, setting, and figures of speech
  • Develop dialogue that reveals characters’ personalities, social backgrounds, and values


WCP offers one-on-one instruction as well as interactive lessons and workshops. Each lesson is adapted to the client's particular needs. Our research-based instruction is technique-driven and minimizes lecture time. We also offer personalized feedback and customized assessments of real-work writing. Instruction is also available via Skype.


Recent workshops have been offered at the Women Who Write annual conference, The College of New Jersey’s Writer’s Conference, and Rutgers University in:

  • Beginning, intermediate, and advanced fiction techniques
  • Writing effective book proposals
  • Publishing options