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“Susan is one of the most beloved teachers in our Writing Program which is ranked as one of the nation’s best. Susan develops an easy rapport with students and has a unique ability to organize student-centered lessons. I am especially impressed by the effective and imaginative pedagogical devices she employs. She recently received an award from Rutgers for her research into writing pedagogy and revision techniques.”


Barry Qualls, Vice President, Undergraduate Education, Rutgers University

“We’ve seen immense improvement in our son’s writing and critical reading skills since he started working with Susan. His grades have improved and he’s gained tremendous self-confidence.”


Kathy and Alex R., parents

“I never understood my teacher’s comments until I started working with Susan. But she explained what the teachers meant in a way that made sense. Her techniques are really easy to use and I’m really proud of the progress I’ve made.”


Rebecca C., 10th grader

“Susan is awesome. She really cares about the kids she works with and it shows in their performance.”


Joan F., parent

“Susan is one of the best teachers ever. Suddenly, you're no longer guessing what a teacher wants, but really writing in a way that makes sense.”


Alicia R., 11th grader

"Susan is an exceptional teacher. She has a great passion for what she does and that passion helps motivate the kids who study with her. Her engaging techniques helped my son organize his thinking and put his thoughts on paper in a meaningful way. I highly recommend her."


Susanna L., parent

"When our son started working with Susan, he was a shy and uncertain writer. But now he’s a confident, capable, and strategic writer who is earning straight A’s."


Ted K., parent

“Susan encourages students to find their own voices, and then through guided practice, shows them how to communicate their messages in persuasive and meaningful prose. What results in terms of students’ growth and ability is extraordinary.”


Patrick D., graduate student and university instructor

"I went to Susan for help in AP English. The second time I took the test, my grade shot up three points, and that was after only three sessions!”


Mei-Xing L., 11th grader

“When students start working with Susan, they're all rough around the edges, like rocks. But they come out like polished stones. I would recommend her to anyone.”


Angela B., parent

“By having me focus on specific areas of my writing, specifically attention to organization and detail, Susan helped me take my writing talents to a whole new level.”


Nestor A., 11th grader

“I am a slow writer, yet under Susan’s direction, I learned how to think and write rapidly.  I was amazed at myself!”


Helen B., 11th grader

“Susan is not only an accomplished and well-respected writing instructor, but she is a great coach and counselor.  Her keen intellect and sensitive perception enabled her to identify problem areas in my writing and she quickly showed me how to improve what I had written.  She is a pleasure to work with, full of humor and wisdom.”


Sophie A., IT project coordinator

“Susan’s technique-driven exercises really helped me learn how to say what I wanted to say in the way I wanted to say it.”


Frank A., adult learner

“I had tried other tutors, but none of them presented their teaching material in the organized way that Susan did and so our son quickly lost interest. But Susan prepared individual lessons for him and his writing skills really improved.”


Cho Hee D., parent

“Susan didn’t just help me become a better writer, but she also encouraged my intellectual growth by opening my mind to new possibilities that I hadn’t realized existed before.”


Chin-Hwa K., 10th grader

“Susan taught me how to develop my own ideas and use them to write strong, persuasive essays. In that way, I would say that my thinking improved as well as my writing, and I developed a sense of my own voice.”


Daniel H., 10th grader

“My only regret is that I didn't get to work with Susan until I was a senior. Working with Susan is always fun, thought-provoking, and challenging.”


Marcus P., 12th grader

“Before I worked with Susan I had trouble developing and organizing my thoughts. But Susan’s road maps helped me see how to approach a writing assignment in a way that was very easy for me to understand.”


Pooja S., 9th grader

“Susan challenged me and helped me learn basic writing skills that I was lacking. I’m really grateful to her. She’s a great motivator and a great teacher.”


Fred T., adult learner

“Susan pushed me beyond my comfort zone and she gave me the encouragement to take new risks. Now my writing is more powerful and more persuasive than ever before.”


Aashi P., 10th grader

“Until he started working with Susan, my son hated to write. But he’s a whole new student now, brimming with ideas that he wants to share in writing with his teachers. We are very grateful to Susan for this turnaround.”


Dianna H., parent